Framework Analytics equips operators with valuable insight on subscriber engagement with their video service in order to optimize retention and monetization. Extensive, pre-built dashboards and reports provide a robust view of VOD catalog engagement, channel lineup utilization, and promotion effectiveness for increased transactional revenues. The benefits of analytic insights include but are not limited to; Identifying at-risk subscribers to incentivize them and reduce the risk of churn. Determining effective promotions to increase VOD revenues and catalog productivity. As well as tracking asset popularity to make accurate business decisions about content providers and VOD price points.


Flexible, Customizable BI Dashboards to drive viewership and revenue

Discover your best content and uncover actionable audience behaviors with in-depth analytics and reporting. Monitor your daily revenue graphs and identify top revenue impacting Content Providers. Quickly drill down and identify top assets and its revenue impact over time.

Audience-Level Engagement and Profile Analytics

Detailed insights on how a subscriber behaves across all viewing devices provides key metrics on user experience and engagement. This enables video service providers to make the accurate, timely and informed business decisions needed to deliver compelling experiences.

Enhanced Content Provider Insights to Engage, Grow, and Monetize

Leverage Framework Analytics to transform an enormous amount of raw data into actionable customer insights. Key data points such as location, device and usage enable operators to develop and segment enriched customer portfolios, establish customer centric KPI’s and introduce effective targeted offers.

Gain and harness Key Trends and Insights

Observe and analyze viewership trends for all your products with its performance comparison over historical time periods. Compare effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by analyzing usage of Promotions and Coupons with access to statistical ranks over customizable time periods.

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