Video on demand streaming systems have drastically changed how video content is monetized, delivered, and consumed. OTT distribution platforms have completely evolved customer expectations for content, and this demand is now impacting a long-held mainstay of broadcast TV, the advertising insertion business model.

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings is part of the Nielson Ratings Total Audience framework, a suite of solutions providing media owners, advertisers and agencies with metrics for content and ads – wherever they’re consumed. Key to this is where the content is being consumed.

In response to the OTT transition, every major television outlet today is in the midst of launching or advancing their direct-to-consumer VOD streaming services. Consumers now have more control and choice than ever, and the industry is becoming fiercely competitive in its quest to keep viewers. For providers to continue to advance their business, it’s critical to have proactive advertising management tools in place.

Here’s an article from the Nielsen DAR group in Ireland, addressing what’s next in the science behind advertising verification: