Chance to automate your content and metadata workflows

Leverage an open, automated multi-screen content and metadata workflow management system; a proven solution for today’s changing times.

Effectively managing and mining the value of your content is key to driving personalized user experiences and multi-screen monetization potential. When a single title requires dozens of variants for codecs, screen sizes, formats, DRM, languages, closed captioning, etc., you need a powerful and flexible way to manage the complexity of it all.

Back Office is an open and intelligent content workflow management and metadata enrichment solution. It allows you to simplify challenges and reduce operational costs associated with resource-intense, highly complex multi-screen content management and distribution models.

A distributed architecture approach allows you to separate backend and frontend integrations. Automating the initial content ingest and processing works smoothly with publishing capabilities. This ensures the top quality assets for further handling by our following framework assets: Media Asset Management on the administrative side – up to the Ad Manager, Analytics and Client.

For Linear Broadcast: Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and broadcast network control, handled with ease and flexibility
Built with extensibility in mind, the Back Office solution helps DVB broadcast networks control their electronic programming guide (EPG) and Personal Video Recording (PVR) signaling, Conditional Access Criteria scheduling, and Hybrid TV and System Software Updates.

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