Reach and engage your viewers. Give them what they want, and fully monetize the value of your content!

With more consumers replacing linear TV with VOD, and increasing production and licensing costs, you need ways to maximize the value of your content distribution rights and extend your viewer footprint.

SeaChange can help you build long-term relationships with your viewers.

Our cFlow portfolio allows you to tap into new market opportunities, expand brand presence, and monetize new multi-screen and direct-to-consumer (D2C) distribution channels.

If you are looking to make headway with OTT/IP multi-screen video, then we have the video-optimized back-end and front-end solutions for you.

Our cFlow Portfolio enables you to:

  • Give your viewers access to your movies, original programming, and live content on all devices, with consistent personalized viewing experiences across all of their screens.
  • Scale your service as you grow.
  • Deploy, control and monetize advanced services, such as Catch-Up TV, Restart TV, and network/cloud DVR.
  • Support an array of screen and network types while ensuring common functionality and high quality, indivisual experiences.

Our PanoramiC platform, powered by the SeaChange cFlow Portfolio, offers these capabilities as a complete platform-as-a-service offering for your streaming/OTT viewership.