Increase loyalty, launch new services, and expand your customer base.

Competitive pressures from online video streaming providers are unrelenting. Today’s consumers expect rapid access to their video, on any device, anywhere. To compete, you must offer services across multiple screens and make Over-the-Top (OTT) video a competitive advantage.

SeaChange helps you leverage your existing infrastructure to offer high-quality, premium video across any platform, with optimized and personalized user-experiences. Even more, the SeaChange cFlow portfolio ensures the success of your multi-screen video services with multiple monetization options, including targeted advertising, merchandising, and promotional business models.

Our cFlow portfolio solutions help you:

  • Optimize and augment your existing set-top-box services with advanced multi-screen time-shifted TV services and ad-supported offerings.
  • Launch new OTT-only video service offerings to reach and grow your customer base with exciting business models, including ad-supported, subscription, freemium, and much more.
  • Deploy a comprehensive advertising solution for linear and VOD.  Our advertising solutions work across OTT, HFC/Cable, and IPTV networks.

Our PanoramiC platform, powered by the SeaChange cFlow Portfolio, offers these capabilities as a complete platform-as-a-service offering for your streaming/OTT viewership.