Framework Media Asset Manager automates the creation of VOD content and metadata to publish any format for delivery on any screen. A powerful, graphical workflow editor provides robust rules and flows. It manages the asset and metadata life cycle, from ingest to distributed publishing. From a single video input, Media Asset Manager automates the creation of video streams that are formatted to play on STB’s, connected TVs, mobile phones, computers, tablets, and game consoles. Automated metadata enrichment and quality control enables personalized content discovery and flexible VOD carousels. The open architecture makes it easy to scale on private or public clouds.


Automate Content Ingest, Preparation, Publishing

Streamline and automate the processing of both VOD, linear content and metadata assets with a powerful workflow engine, to gain both operational efficiencies and lower operational costs. MAM allows you to flexibly control metadata processing and distribution.

Plug-In’s for leading Encoders, Transcoders, & DRM

Supports pluggable interfaces for content ingest, processing, enrichment, and distribution. Transcoding and packaging, conditional access/digital rights management, content sniffing, metadata enrichment.

Enriched Metadata for Personalization & Monetization

Automate the process of integrating external data sources to further enrich the metadata of video assets you want to deliver and monetize across all networks and devices. MAM enables you to deliver a high-quality and personalized user experience.

Cloud-Ready Architecture Scales Quickly

Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and Virtualization deployments are all possible with Media Asset Manager. This robust system is highly scalable, supporting large content libraries of over 10 million titles. Major benefits include minimized costs and high-availability.

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