SeaChange Managed Video Delivery Platform allows you to rapidly launch an online video platform for delivering digital content (Live, VOD, TSTV, nDVR) to viewers anywhere, anytime, at any scale. Managed Video Delivery Platform automates all aspects of the platform operation, lowering maintenance overhead and operational costs. Integrated Client applications provide superior user experience and personalization capabilities. Built-in monetization module supports SVOD, TVOD, AVOD and FVOD models allowing building profitable business models. Integrated Framework Analytics provides insights necessary for data driven decision making.


Rapidly Deliver OTT Streaming

SeaChange Managed Video Delivery Platform allows rapid service launch by providing all the necessary features bundled in one package. Scalable ingestion workflow allows burst content onboarding to accelerate service launch.


SeaChange Managed Video Delivery Platform provides automated scaling handling from thousands to tens of millions of viewers at optimal cost. Constant access to cloud resources allows smooth handling of traffic spikes.

Managed Service

SeaChange Managed Video Delivery Platform can deliver any type of digital content to viewers across the globe offering support for Live, On-Demand, TSTV and nDVR on wide range of devices. The managed nature of the platform reduces the Operation Costs.


Adjust and personalize user experience in our client applications. Personalization covers curated and personalized recommendations, personalized search, user profiles with parental protection, cross device resume, playback history and watch later list.

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