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Managed Video Delivery Service

Managed Video Delivery Service

Rapidly launch an online video platform and deliver compelling digital content to viewers anywhere, anytime, and on any scale.

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Manage Content

Manage ContentIngest & Process

SeaChange Managed Services allows service providers to automate content ingest and oversee metadata processing using the Media Asset Manager. Along with our Back Office, the system scales to businesses of all sizes and enables seamless delivery of multiscreen experiences.







DistributeSecure & Deploy

SeaChange Managed Services provides multi-digital rights management (DRM) support. After acquiring digital content, our customers can securely deploy that processed content to storage and streaming locations anytime, anywhere.


DeliverCustomize & Engage

The SeaChange Client app offers cross-platform customization to match the desired look, feel and functionality of any brand. It specializes in delivering personalized digital content to viewers across the globe, offering support for Live and On-Demand.


Custom UI



Deep Linking


Analyze Retain & Grow

Shed light on valuable subscriber metrics to optimize retention and content monetization. Extensive, pre-built dashboards and reports provide a robust view of everything from churn prediction to promotion effectiveness for increased transactional revenues.

MediaMaker is an all-inclusive, end-to-end solution. Check out this high-level overview to see how we make it happen.

Available now on all platforms and devices.

Samsung Smart TV
Play Station
Fire TV
Apple TV
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Rapidly Deliver OTT Streaming

The cloud-based architecture allows rapid service launch by providing all the necessary features bundled in one package. Scalable ingestion workflow allows burst content onboarding to accelerate service launch.

Managed Service

Deliver any type of digital content to viewers across the globe offering support for Live, and On-Demand on a wide range of devices. The managed nature of this service reduces operational costs.


Fit for any business, SeaChange Managed Services provides automated scaling handling from thousands to tens of millions of viewers at optimal cost. Constant access to cloud resources allows smooth handling of traffic spikes.


Adjust and personalize UX in our client applications. Personalization covers curated and personalized recommendations, personalized search, user profiles with parental protection, cross device resume, playback history and watch later list.

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Identify Your Goals

Speak with a SeaChange representative about your goals, so we can evaluate how MediaMaker can help achieve them.


Receive a Custom Quote

Receive a quote customized to your business. We deliver an all-inclusive solution for companies of all sizes and budgets.


Deliver Digital Content

Rapidly launch your customized video delivery platform and deliver compelling video experiences to your subscribers.

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Safe & Proven Solution

For over 25 years SeaChange has enabled new business. Our all-inclusive framework promotes profitability for your video service and can be utilized on any network.

Customer Focused

SeaChange’s simplified engagement solution places strong focus on the customer. Keeping them in mind every step of the way from content preparation to playout.

Dedicated Support

When you choose the SeaChange solution, we can guarantee that our dedicated engineers will provide fast and efficient support for your systems and tools.

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