SeaChange Opens IPTV Services with TV Platform Developer Program

Leading IPTV Companies Join SeaChange's Flagship Program


SeaChange International (NASDAQ: SEAC), the proven enabler of IPTV around the world, unveiled its TV Platform(TM) Developer Program at IBC 2007 this week. Leading providers of applications and infrastructure solutions are embracing this IPTV catalyst, taking full advantage of SeaChange's open standards-based TV Navigator middleware to participate in a broad marketplace of seamlessly integrated options for television operators.

Five of the TV Platform Development Partners announced at IBC include Freethinking, Integra5, Snap TV, TwoWay TV, and Verimatrix. The program is designed to deliver value-added applications that leverage the modularity of SeaChange's TV Navigator middleware. Partners gain a significant lift amid SeaChange's global IPTV activities, including access to product support, resources, and tools to assist in porting and developing products and services for TV Platform.

"We're inviting the industry's proven performers to participate in the commitment SeaChange has for its customers and access market opportunities being created by our TV Platform deployments," said Sherry Warburton, VP Engineering & Unit Manager for TV Navigator.

IPTV demands platform flexibility

SeaChange TV Platform is an IPTV solution including IMS-compliant modular client/settop software (TV Navigator), network and back office software that allows operators to easily brand, launch and bill a universe of video content and services from SeaChange or third-party developers. It ensures a highly cost-effective approach to robust services that attract and retain subscribers.

TV Platform is built on an open, industry standards-based architecture so, whether deployed as an end-to-end solution or in modules, it allows operators to plug and play the industry's best-of-breed options written in HTML, JavaScript, Java, MHP, OCAP or MHEG.

"TV Platform was created to ensure robust and highly competitive IPTV services, making the most of operators' networks and complementing other quad-play services," said Venkat Krishnan, director, IPTV solutions, SeaChange.

SeaChange TV Navigator client middleware for telco, satellite, cable, terrestrial and hybrid networks, allows operators to assemble a range of on-demand, convergence and advanced subscriber services over low-cost and advanced set-top box environments.

SeaChange TV Platform-ready applications span on-demand (nPVR, DVD, games), advanced interactivity (walled garden, red button, weather, voting, ecommerce) and convergence (SMS/MMS, caller ID on TV, network PVR programming via mobile or web, home media management, video conferencing).

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