Advanced Advertising Platform

Advanced Advertising Solutions for Cable and OTT

Advanced Advertising Platform is an integrated cross-platform dynamic advertising solution for Cable and IP video delivery. It supports national, regional, and zone-based ad insertion for cable, and integrates with CCMS-compliant Traffic and Billing Systems and supports SCTE-30 splicing. From a single system, operators can also provide targeted ad insertion for HLS and DASH streams with the ABR manifest file manipulation component. The Advanced Advertising Platform is compliant with IAB VAST and SCTE130 standard’s for integration with video ad servers.


Dynamic Ad Insertion for VOD/TSTV/Linear OTT

Full support for transport streams VOD ad insertion and for HLS and DASH format streaming services including VOD, TSTV and Linear OTT. Industry standard support for pre/post/mid roll ad insertion provides integration with VAST and SCTE130 enabled ad decision systems, including Linear Ads which provides ad decisions for Linear OTT.

Server-Side Ad Insertion

The Advanced Advertising Platform Server-Side-Ad-Insertion (SSAI) is a superior choice for live streaming ad insertion. With SSAI the video ad is “stitched” into the video stream, resulting in a continuous stream compared to Client-Side-Ad-Insertion. It provides the benefits of reduced latency, pre-empts ad-blockers, and enables real-time programmatic bidding.

SeaChange Ad Streamer

The software-based Advanced Advertising Platform Streamer provides highly scalable, secure, reliable, SCTE-30 compliant, frame accurate playout of many formats of broadcast video (MPEG2, MPEG4, HD, SD, HEVC, 4K) enabling a Local Ad Insertion revenue stream.

Next Generation Linear Ad Insertion

Advanced Advertising Platform software provides a bridge from the current broadcast linear advertising insertion systems to the next generation Linear OTT Streaming services. Utilizing existing Linear Broadcast Ad Insertion infrastructure you can seamlessly include new Linear OTT Streaming Ad Insertion, and allow real time automated decisions for Linear Broadcast Ad Insertion.

Safe & Proven Solution

For over 25 years SeaChange has enabled new business. Our all-inclusive SeaChange Solution promotes profitability for your video service and can be utilized on any network.

Customer Focused

SeaChange’s simplified engagement solution places strong focus on the customer. Keeping them in mind every step of the way from content preparation to playout.

Dedicated On-Site Support

When you choose the SeaChange solution, we can guarantee that our dedicated engineers will provide fast and efficient onsite support for your systems and tools.

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