Cable Video Delivery Platform

Deliver & Monetize Multiscreen Experiences on Any Network

The Cable Video Delivery Platform supports VOD and linear content delivery over QAM/Cable, IPTV, and OTT networks and is one of the most full-featured, powerful, and extensible streaming video and merchandising management technologies on the market. Backed by our Emmy® Award-winning technology, we provide our customers with an out-of-the-box, turnkey, yet customizable solution that covers video media platforms from STBs to mobile devices.


Multi-Screen Environment

Cable Video Delivery Platform is the industry’s only open software platform that manages and streams video content to every screen in a 24/7 media world. Whether it’s linear, VOD, or OTT content, the Cable Video Delivery Platform provides the relevant and individualized experience that viewers expect.

Time-Shifted TV

Deliver video content when your viewers want it, not when it is dictated by outmoded broadcast models. That is the promise of OTT content delivery. We offer the power to: Live Skip and Start Over, Catchup, Network DVR, or Download On-the-Go for offline viewing.

Video Management & Monetization

The way video content is managed, monetized, and marketed is pivotal to your business’ revenue stream. Our solution places content in the best categories, makes them searchable, pushes them to the right viewers, attaches the right advertisements for the right audience, and offers variable pricing on premium content, and more.

Catalog Management

Whether you need to catalog your videos by recent additions, interest, playlist, or virtually any category, our Cable Video Delivery Platform capability puts the power of video catalog management in your hands. Robust searches, subtitling, workflows, targeted video streams and more are all made possible.

Safe & Proven Solution

For over 25 years SeaChange has enabled new business. Our all-inclusive SeaChange Solution promotes profitability for your video service and can be utilized on any network.

Customer Focused

SeaChange’s simplified engagement solution places strong focus on the customer. Keeping them in mind every step of the way from content preparation to playout.

Dedicated On-Site Support

When you choose the SeaChange solution, we can guarantee that our dedicated engineers will provide fast and efficient onsite support for your systems and tools.

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