Video Management, Personalization, and Monetization Solutions for Your Anywhere/Anytime Viewership

Many people think about video provider solutions starting with the technology. They talk about transcoding, DRM, CDNs, OTT,  EPG, “the origin”, analytics, storage…the tech terminology seems endless. But at SeaChange, our 25+ years in the business of delivering engaging video experiences has taught us that there are two key things to focus on: the content, and the viewer.  If you can’t match them,  technology and buzz-words will not help.  Successful video businesses are built on putting the right content in front of your viewers at the right time. The more personalized, the better. The great thing about all of the technology is that it has dramatically expanded your opportunity to do exactly that.

When we say content, we don’t just mean the primary motion-video entertainment. There are  many different content types that comprise the complete viewing experience: the entertainment, yes, but also the ad content, and the content that helps your viewer find what they want to watch – like the posters and summary descriptions.

The good news is that SeaChange has the experience and solutions for managing them all.

It all starts with the Content

If the content quality is poor, you need to know as soon as possible. SeaChange customers perform extensive checks on their content – some have over 1000 checks per title! – to make sure that it meets their multiscreen workflow requirements. You then need to modify that single title into all of the different versions required by your viewers: versions for different devices and screen sizes, delivered on different network types (IPTV, Mobile, OTT), with different audio tracks (mono, stereo, surround…), different languages, closed captioning, security and rights management – the list goes on.  And of course, you need constantly expanding sets of metadata to describe the content (name, actors, director, etc.) and all of the variants (bitrate, codec, format, etc.). You need a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) that can scale to handle all of this complexity, while organizing and simplifying the task of workflow design and management. Our cContent family of CMS solutions was designed for your needs – now, and as you continue to grow.

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Designing the Offer, Knowing your Viewer, and  Managing their Sessions

Like any business, a video business requires “products” that viewers want, features that keep you ahead of the competition, and a way to  manage all of the transactions needed to keep things running smoothly. The pay-TV industry calls this the video “Back Office”. We like to think of it as a set of management tools that builds the bridge between your content and your viewers.  And as the captain of your video business, where should these tools be found? On the bridge!

Our cBridge family of video business management solutions helps you quickly create video offers, roll out new services and features, and better understand your viewers, so that you can continually improve and fully monetize their viewing experience – and their engagement.

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Maximizing your Advertising Potential

If you are monetizing your content through advertising, your ad inventory value can be dramatically increased through targeted ad content. Just as with the primary content, your viewers’ engagement is maximized, and the ad is most impactful when the advertising is relevant to them.  But there is no one-size-fits-all solution for ad targeting. It is a continuum, from regionally relevant ads to local ads to individual ads. And the options shift depending on the network type and the screen your viewer is using.

Our cAds family of video advertising solutions support video ad management across a variety of network and content types,  offering targeting based on a combination of criteria – demographics, zip code, the content,, and more.

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It All Comes Together with the Presentation

All of your efforts to create engaging experiences come together at one place – the viewer’s screen. And while your viewer may use many different screens, they should all offer a familiar, comfortable, and intuitive user experience. This goes beyond simply putting your logo on the screen, or “skinning” the buttons.

Our cView user experience solutions offer that consistent, familiar experience across a variety of screens. Through integration with a single, common, cBridge solution, common features, capabilities, controls, and information can be easily provided to your viewers across all of their various screens, devices, and networks. And by leveraging multiple cFlow solution elements, you can deploy new services quickly.

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